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Heath and Wellness is the heart of the company. Nurture your mind, body and soul with World Class Spa vacations, Wellness Retreats, and Workshops. Wellness Practitioners and Workshop Facilitators please contact Elise directly for group rates.


As a boutique agency Discover Gaia Travel has the relationships and resources to plan Lovers Getaways, Honeymoons, or Destination Weddings. Welcoming couples to large groups, attention to detail is paramount for Discover Gaia!


From Zip-lining in Costa Rica, hiking Machu Picchu, or cycling down Mt. Haleakalā Gaia has you covered! How does luxury tent in Africa on the Savanna sound? Travel Gaia and Discover
your World!

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I understand how important it is to connect and reconnect with the people you love. Travel is an awesome way to do it. I have built this company with the understanding that people are at their best when they have had the chance to step back, unplug, and unwind. I am here to inspire you to create the journey which expresses your higher self, expand your mind, and nourish your spirit.


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